Since 1942, the Pierce family has fully served the Jacksonville, FL area. We offer friendly and complete care. In an effort to always serve our patients with greatness, we have added services recently to expand our practice. Superior Physical Medicine is a unique mix of Chiropractic and Medical Doctors, teamed with a skilled Nurse Practitioner and Rehabilitation crew. Our patients enjoy this team philosophy. We provide an approach that rejects surgery, needles and drugs. We aim to find and fix the hidden, root causes of pain.  We are the top choice for a Chiropractor in Jacksonville!


Our comprehensive staff is ready to handle any problem you may have. Dr. Matt Pierce and his team of expert leaders in their respective fields have never met a patient they couldn’t serve.

The main reason that we are so beloved and so trusted in Jacksonville is because of our combination of new and old. By this, we mean that we are able to employ the most age-old, proven techniques and tools, along with cutting-edge advancements, in the same appointment. Chiropractic care is unique that way. Our roots are ancient but our innovations are up to the minute!

The services we offer really have no upper limit. If we don’t offer it now, be sure that it is in our sights. Currently, we are offering an arsenal of wellness services which include chiropractic care, injury rehabilitation and physical therapy, massage, weight management consultation, and holistic options.

In all of these endeavors, our main priority is to offer a brand of care that is comprehensive, yet natural. We don’t want to just bog our patients down with pills and ice or heat to bide their time, we want to get to the source of the pain and handle that first. Similarly, though, we don’t want to have you suffering through invasive methods when there are gentle ones that work better.

If you still aren’t certain – check out our reviews & testimonials, and give us a call!

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Superior Physical Medicine



New patients receive a COMPLIMENTARY massage and consultation today!!!


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Superior Physical Medicine

Phone: (904) 724-5433

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